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Speaking/Softskill Trainer/Business Coach and Writer

Jaya Obhan

Our lead facilitator, Jaya Obhan is an experienced Keynote speaker/ Soft skills Trainer and a Business coach. She is considered amongst the finest talents, especially in the area of ‘Experiential Learning’. Her ability to communicate impactfully has helped many organizations, for their people development initiatives. She is passionate about delivering result-oriented training and loves to create transformational results with her trainees.

How would it be, if we created cultures of accountability and progress?

The answer is- It would be great. Simply because we thrive on growth, and growth is accelerated by accountability. Hence we design each program with a vision to help organisations grow multifold by strengthening their teams.

How would it be to engrave Self-Leadership?

The answer is – it would be brilliant. The reason is, each one needs to grow and contribute in a way that they bring value to the market. Hence it is extremely essential to lead oneself first and therefore develop strong leadership skills for oneself and one’s business.


Leadership Training

We believe in creating leaders, we wish we had. Leadership is no more about the authority or the position one is bestowed upon. Rather it is a skill that one develops, to lead by influence.


Campus to Corporate

This program is for our youth who are ready to enter the professional world, either as entrepreneurs or as corporate employees.


Motivational/ Keynote Speaker

If you've got a major conference, event or summit planned and you're looking for an engaging/ energizing/ result oriented speaker, you are at the right place.